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We are known as the leading company that offers embryo storage services to everybody. We are also known in providing high – quality and excellent storage services for these delicate and special embryos. Our company’s storage facility is fully equipped with the latest and innovative technologies that we can use for embryo storage.

Our company is also composed of skilled and qualified medical staffs whose responsible is to monitor and inspect the embryos and to make sure that it is safely and securely stored. Our company’s main goal is to serve our clients with quality embryo storage services that they truly deserve so that they will not regret choosing us.

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Do you have an embryo that you want to store in the best storage facility? If your answer is a yes, then we are proud to introduce ourselves to you as the leading company that offers embryo storage. We will provide you our wide selection of high – quality and excellent services for embryo storing.

We will ensure you that your embryo is safe and secured in our amazing storage facility. Our medical staffs are all skilled and qualified to perform their duty of monitoring and inspecting the stored embryos. With this, you can be guaranteed that we are the best choice for storing your embryo.

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3 Major Things That You Must Consider When Choosing a Facility for Embryo Storage

Are you searching for the best facility that you can choose to store the embryo from IVF treatment you have? Unfortunately, you are not good enough in choosing, especially in determining if the facility is an outstanding one or a bad one? For this reason, it is important that you have the idea on the different major things that you should consider when choosing a facility for embryo storage. By knowing these major things, you can be confident that you will now have the ability to choose and determine the best and outstanding facility for embryo storage. The best way that you can do to achieve this is to read the list that you can see below.

The list below will show you the five major things that you should initially consider when you choose a facility for the purpose of embryo storage.

1. Experience
The first major consideration is that you have to know the experience of the facility that offers embryo storage. The facility’s experience is a very necessary consideration since that they will be the one who will handle and keep your precious embryo. You must be informed on when do they start operating and how many people do they have already served. A facility that has a remarkable experience usually stands out from the rest of other available storage facilities because they have already proved their selves to the people which results to earning the people’s trust. Also, having a long experience simply means that they have already encounter different challenges in the industry, yet learning to surpass all of it. With this, it is always great to choose a facility that has a remarkable and long experience in this industry of storing embryo.

2. Security and Safety
Since that your embryo storage is a very precious and delicate thing, then it is necessary that you are also be informed on the security and safety that the facility implements on the embryos. The facility that you should be choosing must have a latest and modern technology when it comes to storing the embryos you have. This technology should not depend on the electric energy so that whenever there are power interruptions, the embryos are still frozen and stored safely. Other than that, the embryos should also be monitored regularly, as in 24/7 so that they can check the condition of it every day. With this, you can assure yourself that choosing this facility is a good decision for secured and safety storing of embryos.

3. Credentials
One more consideration is the credentials of the facility where you will store the embryo you have. By knowing the facility’s credentials, you are able to determine if they are certificated and qualified to do the embryo storing. It is a must that you choose a facility that is part of some medical organizations and associations. Also, it should be approved by the national health department and has a license to operate. The facility should also strictly follow to the regulations and policies of medical administration and government regarding embryo and sperm storage combined. In this way, you can entrust to them to store the embryo you have.

Now that you are at this point, you can now assume that you are already capable in choosing the best and outstanding facility for embryo storage because of the help of these major considerations. Yet, it is also a good idea if you educate yourself more about these things so that you will become an expert on it. So, you should also read some books and health magazines that will supply you with information regarding embryo storage.


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